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"The only way to try to consume an infinite source - is to drink from it permanently. That is what called “kviat itim la-Torah” - “scheduling moments for Torah”. A bit - every day."

Rabbi Binyamin Minich

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

A meaningful Jewish ceremony for your child and the whole family

Kidushin - Jewish Wedding

Guiding you on every step - through every detail to officiating the ceremony

Talmud Torah
Jewish Learning

Making Torah study part of your daily life

Kabalat Shabbat & Prayers

Welcoming the end of the week celebrating the connection with God

About Rabbi Minich

Rabbi Binyamin Minich serves in Israel and abroad in Hebrew, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

He leads 'Daniel' congregation in Jaffa and works at Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv. He is also a PhD student at the Department of Jewish thought at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan and rabbinic fellow of Beit Midrash Har'el in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Minich is a proud member of the Israeli Council of Progressive Rabbis and the Central Conference of American Rabbis and serves as a member of Limmud FSU Israel's organizational committee.

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